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Red Boost Powder Review 2023: How to Last 30 Minutes in Bed

I am about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

If you start to use the same supplement (Red Boost) I used to cure my premature ejaculation… you’ll notice how in a few days you go from lasting a few minutes in bed to a full 30 minutes.

My name is Derek Phillips. I’m 35 years old. I’m married to a beautiful woman. And I was a premature ejaculator for three long years.

I’d never had that problem when having sex with a woman. It all started three years ago, and since then, there was no way to control it.

From then on, my marriage became HELL. And it was about to crumble because of my problem in bed.

When I was having sex with my wife… I could only last less than 5 minutes. Many times, it was even less than a minute.

I tried to calm myself and stop the sexual act for a few seconds before resuming. But I couldn’t hold back and ejaculated right then and there.

I wanted to improve because I really felt awful. I wanted to satisfy my wife but I couldn’t. And not being able to satisfy her made me depressed.

We had tried changing positions. But it was useless. I thought if she was on top of me it would be better.

But that position excited me too much and it ended up being worse. Because of premature ejaculation, I wasn’t enjoying sex. And many times I wanted to avoid having sex for fear of failing and being less of a man for my wife.

I felt that she began to distance herself a bit from me because I couldn’t satisfy her. She was unsatisfied with the relationship.

She didn’t understand my problem and that made me feel even worse: unhappy, insecure, and with low self-esteem.

My marriage was deteriorating so much that I thought she would leave me for someone else. I needed to save my marriage.

Suddenly… one day something so horrible happened in my marriage… that it changed forever. But in a POSITIVE way.

That Day Would Start my Journey Where I Went from Being a Premature Ejaculator to a Lover who Could Last 30 Minutes in Bed non-stop…

Thanks to “Red Boost Powder”

That day I’m talking about didn’t change anything in my sexual relationships. It was the awful moment I lived through that made me change forever.

To not make the story too long… that day I had sex with Karen: my wife.

She was sexier than ever. She was wearing a mini dress that showed her legs and her upper chest, meaning, part of her breasts.

The next image is NOT of my wife. But I want you to have an idea of what I’m talking about:

That night she was quite horny.

That excited me even more and I was about to “explode”. All of that made me ejaculate for the first time before penetrating her.

That had never happened to me before. And I had to end the sexual act right there. Due to stress, the erection didn’t return.

My wife indignantly (and also angrily) asked me: “Are you finished already?”

It was one of the worst phrases I could have heard from her.

That night when I was sleeping… I thought about what had happened for a long time. And I realized that I needed to do something as soon as possible. Or else I was going to lose her forever.

I don’t know if I was paranoid at that time. But I felt that if I didn’t change my situation…

She was Going to Ask me for a Divorce and Leave with Another Man: Someone who Could Satisfy her as she Deserved

Sex isn’t everything in life. But I believe that in a marriage it’s important to keep the flame alive so the relationship doesn’t end. And that flame was dying out. That night I decided to solve my problem, no matter the cost.

I was going to find a way to last 30 minutes in bed. But not just for one night. But every night I had sex with her.

I was going to find a way to control my excitement so that she could reach orgasm and enjoy it herself. Because that’s what sex is all about: both people involved should be able to enjoy it.

I decided to start looking for the solution on the internet because I didn’t want to go to the doctor for my problem… although honestly, I thought they couldn’t help me.

I decided to learn more about premature ejaculation and how it originates.

Searching for this kind of information on the internet… I came across a supplement called “Red Boost”.

What is Red Boost?

Me using Red Boost

This supplement is a powerful NEW formula for boosting male sexual health.

Did you know that premature ejaculation mainly occurs because we involuntarily tighten the pelvic muscles responsible for ejaculation?

This usually happens due to stress or anxiety. And when we tighten these pelvic muscles, we are activating the process that triggers ejaculation.

Well, this supplement, thanks to its revolutionary formula, relaxes the pelvic muscles to eliminate that pressure and delay ejaculation. And at the same time, its formula causes you to be able to achieve a hard and lasting erection.


This supplement helps maintain healthy blood flow and artery health in your entire body by maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your future.

What’s nitric oxide?

It’s an essential molecule which helps relax the inner muscles of your blood vessels… meaning good, healthy nitric oxide supports a strong flow of nutrient-rich blood to deliver energy to every part of your body.

The healthier your nitric oxide levels are, the harder your erections are.

How Well Did “Red Boost” Work for me to Last Longer in Bed?

The first night I had sex again with my wife, after taking the supplements, I didn’t last 30 minutes as I was expecting, but I managed to last 10 minutes continuously and without interruptions.

While I hadn’t yet reached my goal of 30 minutes…

It was a record for me!

However, it seems that your body must get used to these supplements, as everything changed the second night.

That night, my two children went to sleep at their friends’ house. So… Karen and I would have the night to ourselves. After watching the series “Game of Thrones”… we went to our bedroom.

There… we began to passionately kiss each other. I put my hand inside her blouse to caress her warm back and stomach.

I helped her take off her blouse to leave her torso bare. She wasn’t wearing a bra that day.

After being completely naked… I lay down on the bed face up. She approaches me and begins to kiss my neck.

And while I’m lying face up, she sits on me and begins to move in such a sensual way that excited me a lot. But I didn’t ejaculate.

We were in that position for about 15 minutes. And I suggested changing. Now it was my turn.

In the missionary position (me on top of her), we continued making love and I felt that she was enjoying it.

She slowly began to squirm and her hands tightly held my back to bring my body closer and closer to hers.

I could feel her increasingly strong breathing through her breasts pressed against my chest.

20 minutes had passed and she began to moan. That was something I wasn’t expecting and you don’t know how much it excited me. She moaned louder and louder and it excited me a lot. But I still didn’t feel like ejaculating.

Karen continued moaning for about 10 more minutes. And I – looking at the clock that was near the bed – realized that I had achieved my much sought-after goal.

30 minutes had passed and I was still having sex with my wife. The excitement I felt is indescribable.

Having achieved my goal… I began to move faster and faster. I let her increasingly louder moans excite me.

I knew she was having orgasms because her eyes were half-closed and her mouth was open as she panted.

Mujer teniendo un orgasmo

Her orgasms caused her to shake, and I could feel her hardened nipples against my chest and her accelerated heartbeat.

And a few minutes later… I ejaculated… leaving a pleasure inside my body that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Ejaculating so quickly never allowed me to enjoy the orgasm. I had forgotten that sensation.

After having sex for 30 minutes with my wife, we lay in bed next to each other, kissing and caressing each other.

She was more than satisfied. She looked happy and more alive. And she told me: “This has to be repeated many other nights.”

After having sex for 30 minutes non-stop… my life took a 180-degree turn.

Currently, I’m not a super porn actor or anything like that. But now I can make my wife enjoy sex and reach orgasm every time we make love.

Now I can have sex for more than 30 minutes and finally ENJOY it. Sex is now a completely different experience for me.

Thanks to this supplement… now my wife is happy with this relationship and I was able to save my marriage.

No matter how bad your premature ejaculation is. It doesn’t matter if you last less than a minute in bed or if you ejaculate before you start making love.

If you really want to have sex for 30 minutes with your partner… this supplement will serve you and you will be able to stop premature ejaculation for good.

Having overcome this problem made me realize that there are many other men who are going through the same thing I went through.

For that reason I decided to write this and help you on this difficult and uncomfortable path. To recommend the same thing that helped me get my wife back and save my marriage.

And it all starts by visiting the following link that you see here below:

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I wish you the best of luck,

Derek Phillips