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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Every time you have dieted and then given up, haven’t you blamed it on your lack of motivation? Don’t worry, you are not alone, thousands of people quit their diet and claim that the problem is that they find it difficult to stay motivated to lose weight.

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

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Here are 6 keys that will help you find that motivation. They are simple tricks that will help you achieve your goal without too much effort.

  1. Keep a constant track of your progress. Keep a detailed record of the progress of your efforts; in this regard, it is important to set a day of the week to weigh yourself on the scale. Write everything down in a diary and you will be able to see how, little by little, your efforts are worth it.
  2. Organize a weekly menu. Another reason that can demotivate you is boredom when preparing your food. Diet menus are usually very similar dishes and cooked in a bland and unappealing way. Therefore, it is important to stay motivated to lose weight by varying the menu often and eating a variety. This way it will not be so monotonous to continue the diet.
  3. Look for low-calorie recipes! You will be surprised how you can achieve very tasty and healthy light dishes. Sauces made with yogurt and herbs, tomato, spices… will brighten up any recipe.
  4. Treat yourself occasionally. Eating healthy does not have to be a torture. Otherwise, sooner or later you will not know where to get the motivation to lose weight. A chocolate cookie, a small skewer or any other treat will help you keep your spirits up. However, you have to take into account its caloric intake, and that day be a bit more restrained in your menu.
  5. Give yourself a reward if you achieve your weight goals. It will motivate you even more and will help you reach your goal. Some earrings, a book, some clothes…
  6. Be realistic with your goals. Your goals must be realistic. Diets that promise to lose 5 kilos in a week will only harm your health and make it increasingly difficult for you to lose weight. You must set a realistic and achievable goal, which will keep you motivated.

How to Maintain Motivation to Lose Weight – Tips from Renegade Wellness

Mandy Johnson, physical therapist and founder of Renegade Wellness, says: “The sheer act of writing it out will make you more likely to complete your goal”.

In moments of low spirits, something that can help you move forward is to remember why you want to lose weight.

What is your motivation to lose weight? How not to lose motivation to lose weight? Being clear about it will help you overcome difficult moments. And, even better, write it down on a sheet that you can have in sight. For example, on your refrigerator.

How to Recover Motivation to Lose Weight

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If, even so, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to continue with your diet, you can still use various psychological tools to recover your motivation. Here are 3 tricks:

1) Be clear about “why” you want to lose weight. To prevent diseases or improve your health, feel more agile, improve your self-esteem… Look within yourself and write down all these reasons. Then put it in sight so that you have your reasons well present when you weaken.

2) Here are some intrinsic motivations to lose weight:

  • Self-love: wanting to be healthier and happier.
  • Love for others: teaching healthy habits to your family, inspiring others to lead a healthier life.
  • Health: if you have health problems, you want to improve them, or simply avoid the moment when overweight harms you.

3) Do you already know why you want to lose weight? Now it’s time to relax. Prepare your favorite tea or infusion and sit in your favorite corner of your house. Breathe slowly, and fantasize a little by transporting yourself to a happy place: a walk in the countryside, a swim at the beach, a sunset… You will associate the reasons why you want to lose weight with something positive, and you will increase your motivation again.

Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

Here are some quotes that can help you gain strength and enthusiasm to achieve your goal. Remember the reasons why you want to lose weight, and turn them into your weight loss quotes:

  • “I want to feel better physically”
  • “I want to be more agile”
  • “I want my knees and legs to stop hurting”
  • “I want to play with my children”
  • “I want to feel better about myself”
  • “I want to improve my diet”
  • “I want to lead a healthier life”

This way you will remember that you chose to lose weight to achieve a special goal for yourself, and this will be a help to your motivation to lose weight.


Dr. Amy Wilson

Medically reviewed by Dr. Amy Wilson. Dr. Amy Wilson, born in the United States, obtained her medical degree from Lincoln University School of Medicine. Specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, she’s dedicated 15 years to women’s health, becoming a distinguished gynecologist and serving in various U.S. medical institutions.


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