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Why do I Get Warts on my Fingers?

Throughout this post, we’re going to analyze why warts appear on fingers, a situation that can be very stressful for those affected. Often, these warts have a moderate size and a granular shape.

Most of these warts are caused by the effects of the Human Papillomavirus, a type of infection that is highly prevalent in society. Generally, its transmission occurs through sexual activities.

But there is also a risk of HPV contagion through contact with elements infected with the virus, or by close contact with the warts of a person with the virus. If we have a cut or injury on our hands, the risk of contagion is higher.

And although in most cases, these lesions do not cause major inconveniences, aesthetically they can cause a great discomfort. Fortunately, there are very good treatments to fight against papilloma warts on the hands.

What types of HPV cause warts on the hands?

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Various scientific studies on the Human Papilloma Virus have shown that there are hundreds of types of HPV.

And depending on the variation of the virus present in the body, the appearance of warts can happen in certain areas of the body. Warts appear on the fingers often due to infection with strains 6 and 11.

Are these lesions dangerous to health?

While it’s true that every case is different, generally warts on the fingers are harmless. Even though they are small bumps, most of them are benign.

However, in some cases these lesions affect because they produce an annoying itch or even pain. And due to their location, they tend to be at high risk for the transmission of HPV.

It is advisable to see a doctor when the warts have been affecting for a while and have not disappeared on their own. And it is especially necessary to visit a specialist if the lesions have bled or are visibly irritated.

How to remove warts on the fingers?

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There are a wide variety of home remedies to remove warts on the fingers. However, most of these alternative methods are very risky if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially considering the possibility of infection of the lesions.

To remove warts from fingers in a much safer, and especially successful way, the best thing is to follow a medical treatment. In this sense, we find pharmaceutical and dermatological methods:

  • There are topical methods with creams whose formula has been created to influence the elimination of lesions. Being a targeted action, they are often a very good available option. A well-known type of cream is Imiquimod.
  • But if this is not enough, there are dermatological methods like cryotherapy which is based on an application of frozen nitrogen. Laser treatment to remove HPV warts on hands is also highly effective.

In conclusion, methods certified by specialists are always safer and more reliable.

These were some tips to help you know how to deal with HPV. However, there is much more you need to do if you really want to get rid of HPV and warts forever.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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