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Who Treats Genital Warts? Find Out Now!

In the presence of a genital wart, it is recommended that women see a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and men see a urologist specializing in andrology. If the lesion is located in the anal area, it should be treated by a proctologist.

You can also consult a general physician or a dermatologist, who are trained to diagnose and cure genital warts that have a mild extent. If the intervention of a specialist is warranted, they will refer you to the appropriate one depending on the location of the lesion.

If you have a genital wart, the following information will allow you to know which doctor to approach to cure it and avoid any complications.

Which medical specialties cure genital warts?

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The gynecologist can confirm the presence of warts in the internal (cervix) or external genital area of the woman through a physical exam and recommend the appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the lesion.

If necessary, they will conduct a Papanicolaou test or take a small section of the wart (scraping biopsy) and send it to the lab for analysis. In this way, they can detect abnormal or precancerous cervical cells before they become cancerous.

Women also have the option to consult a dermatologist in case of external genital warts (vulva, vaginal walls). If during the evaluation the doctor notices the presence of internal lesions, they will refer the patient to a gynecologist.

In the case of men, the doctor specialized in curing genital warts in areas close to the glans or the urethral meatus is the urologist.

When the lesion is located in the area between the external genitals and the anus or in the anal duct, the most advisable option is to consult a coloproctologist. The specialist will make a diagnosis and proceed to treat the lesions through a rectal touch or rectoscopy.

Specialist physicians (gynecologist, urologist, coloproctologist, and dermatologist) are trained to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of the wart, indicate treatment and immediately remove them through surgery.

Treatment to cure genital warts

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In some cases, genital warts are not visible. Only a doctor can diagnose them through a thorough examination.

When the lesions are very small, the doctor might not indicate treatment, but rather wait for the immune system to do its job and fight against the disease until it cures the wart by itself. Of course, these cases require monitoring the lesion.

If the genital warts are visible, the doctors will indicate the appropriate treatment, taking into account the location, size and severity of the lesion.

For external genital warts, doctors usually prescribe topical medications based on imiquimod, podophyllin, trichloroacetic acid, or sinecatechins. These creams work by causing the death of damaged tissues and stimulating an immune response.

Other options doctors can use to cure genital warts are cryotherapy, laser, or surgery. Regular medical check-ups are key to timely detection of genital warts and timely treatment.

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