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Is There an HPV Test for Men?

So far, there is no FDA-approved HPV test for men in the United States to detect the presence of the virus.

HPV in Men

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Most men infected with HPV are asymptomatic. In some cases, the body eliminates it with the help of the immune system, and in other cases, it remains dormant for months until symptoms present.

If the man does not show warts or visible signs of HPV, he will not know if he is a carrier of the virus or if it is active in his body. In this case, he must wait for the virus to complete its cycle (which lasts years) and the immune system to eliminate it.

This results in men being carriers and transmitters of the virus without knowing it, even if they are asymptomatic, increasing the level of HPV transmission.

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The HPV tests that are available are specific to women, such as the primary HPV test, joint test or Pap smear.

For the Pap smear, a sample of cells from the cervix is taken and sent to the laboratory for processing. It allows detection of high-risk virus infection that can cause cancer.

Alternative Studies for Men

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Some research recommends using the Pap smear (for women) HPV test to detect abnormal cells in the anal canal, which could develop into anal cancer in men.

If the man has genital, oral, or throat warts caused by HPV, there are several tests that can be done.

Firstly, the medical check-up. The specialist through visual examination can detect abnormalities in the penis, scrotum, thigh, groin, and around the anus, as well as in the oral cavity and oropharynx.

In the genitals, the urologist performs a test called penoscopy, which is a macroscopic inspection of the penis in order to search for any lesion, wart, or HPV infection in the male genital area.

The medical evaluation and the patient’s medical history will help the doctor determine if the lesions are caused by HPV and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Another test that the urologist may indicate to detect HPV infections in the prostate, urethra, and bladder is the endoscopic examination called cystoscopy.

For the detection of HPV in men who present warts, a biopsy of the lesion or tissue can also be indicated or a PCR for HPV can be done.

Biopsies are recommended for external genital warts in men that cannot be identified through a physical examination. The result will reveal if there is the presence of HPV.

Given that there are no FDA-approved HPV tests for men, it is important to take measures to avoid infection or transmission of the disease. Mainly avoid high-risk sexual relationships and protect yourself when having sex.

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