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Can HPV Be Spread Through a Toothbrush?

Using the toothbrush of a person with oral warts caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), there is a risk that traces of the virus may be present in the bristles. However, it is unlikely that HPV can be transmitted through a toothbrush.

The spread through surfaces is less likely, it only occurs through skin-to-skin contact with a carrier. The decrease in HPV transmission is influenced by the lifespan of the virus in the environment, the enzymes that protect the oral cavity, and the irritants in toothpaste.

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How is HPV transmitted?

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There are many misconceptions regarding the way the virus is transmitted. One of these is related to the use of a toothbrush of someone infected with HPV.

The risk of transmission through this medium is unlikely, considering that the virus cannot survive for a long time in an unsuitable environment, especially if it comes into contact with external agents that decrease its action.

There may be a probability of transmission in case you brush at the exact same time as your partner and he or she has an oral wart or condyloma. To get the infection, you need to have a wound or oral lesion where the virus can enter, and your immune system needs to be weakened.

HPV is usually transmitted through sexual contact (anal, oral, or vaginal) with an infected person, even if they show no symptoms. Penetration during sex is not necessary; skin-to-skin genital contact is a way of transmission.

What things should you avoid?

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The toothbrush is a vital tool in preventing oral diseases, but it can also be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, such as HPV, in the bristle area.

Although it is unlikely that HPV can spread through a toothbrush, there is a minimal risk, and it is better to take preventive measures:

  • Do not share your toothbrush with anyone, nor use someone else’s, even if they are your partner. This is a personal-use product that can transmit diseases.
  • If you have oral warts, keep the toothbrush out of the reach of the youngest members of the family. They often grab it as a game and put it in their mouths.
  • After using the toothbrush always remember to disinfect it and dry it very well. Remember that moisture helps the proliferation of bacteria. We recommend rinsing them with an antiseptic.

Just as you take measures to avoid HPV transmission through a toothbrush, it is also important to use protection (condom, oral barriers) in your sexual relations and avoid high-risk sexual relationships.

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