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How to Remove a Wart on the Tear Duct of the Eye?

The appearance of these lesions can be very bothersome, and in this post, we’ll tell you how to remove a wart from the tear duct. Although their presence often doesn’t pose a health risk, they can be aesthetically uncomfortable.

Depending on the cause of the wart on the eye, it could be benign or malignant. That’s why it’s always ideal to have an evaluation with a specialist.

What do HPV eye warts look like?

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Warts around the eyes often appear on the lower edge, very close to the tear duct, although they can also develop on the eyelid. While there are more causes than just HPV, it represents a high percentage of probability due to its prevalence.

These lesions can be small or more prominent, and in some cases, they cause discomfort such as itching or even pain. Scratching the affected area can be harmful and can even cause irritation.

And the criteria to determine whether the wart is due to HPV are not very specific, as these lesions can be light or dark and present in different shapes.

Useful treatments for removing these tear duct warts

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Many people report that their warts disappear after a few days. This often has to do with a good immune response. But if this is not your case, you should consider some treatments suggested by specialists.

For example, the following are methods for removing a wart from the tear duct of the eye:

Creams with imiquimod

This is a very common treatment using topical creams. Often, different brands manufacture ointments with some content of benzoyl peroxide or imiquimod. The doctor should indicate how to use it and for how long.

Electrocautery treatment

People who have had their wart for a long time often need more advanced treatments. Electrocautery involves using electricity to burn the tissue and cauterize to prevent bleeding. In addition to being a method with quick results, it’s ideal for avoiding scars.

Excision or surgery

This is an outpatient surgery where local anesthesia is applied and the wart is removed with a scalpel. It is generally a more affordable method in terms of costs, but there is some risk of scarring.


This is a painless method with good aesthetic results that involves freezing the affected tissue. From this process, it is possible to remove the wart. One consideration is that it may require more than one session, which implies a higher investment.

How to remove a wart from the tear duct if these methods don’t work? In that case, the doctor might suggest an immunotherapy plan. The appearance of these lesions, when caused by HPV, is often associated with poor immune responses. That’s why the ideal is to try to cure HPV and thus get rid of the symptoms.

Finally, there are several methods for removing a wart from the tear duct, but it’s important to carry out a treatment under medical supervision.

Each case is different, and it’s the specialist who can evaluate the situation to issue a personalized treatment plan, making it safer and with better results.

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