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Medicine and Surgical Procedures for HPV in the Mouth

Unfortunately, there is no medication that you can ingest or take to cure HPV in the mouth. The treatments assigned by specialists are designed to control the symptoms that appear in the mouth.

In many cases, the Human Papillomavirus disappears on its own and is asymptomatic. But each case varies, especially in light of the fact that there are more than 150 variants of HPV. Depending on the strain that infects the body, the appearance of lesions in the mouth may become noticeable.

What medications are good for controlling HPV in the mouth?

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The appearance of lesions in the mouth can cause discomfort such as throat inflammation and pain. And when this prolongs, it ends up affecting the quality of life of the affected person, so following a treatment to alleviate the symptoms becomes essential.

Depending on the case, the doctor may suggest pharmacological treatment, with drugs such as interferon alpha. This drug has been used to treat various HPV lesions, whether venereal or oral.

In the case of treatment for lesions in the mouth, there are some interferon pills that dissolve in the mouth and can fight oral warts.

Clinical Treatments for HPV Lesions in the Mouth

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Clinical treatments for HPV in the mouth involve procedures that healthcare professionals perform to instantly eliminate the affected tissue.

Some of these treatments are:

  • Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is a clinical method that involves freezing the lesion with all the affected tissue, using a small amount of liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser: In some cases, laser treatments are also used to treat HPV lesions in the mouth.
  • Surgical Excision: And when the outbreak of oral warts is very prominent, the medical decision may be to perform surgery. It is an outpatient process in which the doctor removes the affected tissue by making a cut with a scalpel. Recovery is generally quick, and it is usually necessary to have control with analgesics to reduce pain and inflammation after treatment.

While there are several methods to treat HPV in the mouth, or at least its symptoms, it is ideal to start control with a specialist, who suggests the ideal treatment based on the general conditions of each patient.

Also, it is essential that you try to cure HPV and thereby eliminate the virus from your body, or those lesions that were removed could reappear while the virus remains in your system.

Can HPV in the mouth cause cancer?

There are about 24 variants of HPV that can lead to lesions in the mouth. But not all these strains have a direct relationship with the subsequent development of cancer. Ultimately, for prevention, it is best to follow medical guidelines.

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