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How Long Does it Take for Garlic to Remove a Wart?

Garlic treatment for wart removal will depend on the size, location, and degree of lesion severity.

With garlic treatment, results generally begin to appear after 7 days, which is when the wart starts to reduce in size and change its color. And it might disappear within 3 to 4 weeks. Therefore, garlic typically takes from 3 to 4 weeks to remove a wart.

In case the application of garlic on the wart causes any reaction, we recommend stopping the treatment and consulting a doctor.

Remember that besides removing the wart, it’s important to get rid of HPV which is generally the cause.

Ways to use garlic for warts


Garlic, containing allicin, becomes a powerful antibacterial, antibiotic, and antioxidant. It also helps your body fight against viruses and infections that cause warts.

Because of its healing properties, you should not only use garlic to flavor your food but also make it an ally against various ailments.

To use this product as a natural remedy, it’s important to keep in mind that allicin is not found in its pure form, it only activates when it is crushed or cut.

Another aspect to consider is that when cooking garlic, it loses all its properties. Therefore, you should use chopped and raw garlic to take full advantage of its benefits.

There are a variety of natural remedies based on garlic to treat warts, you can use it topically or orally.

Garlic Paste

Applying garlic directly on the wart will help dry and soften the lesion until it disappears. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Clean and dry the area where the wart is located.
  2. Crush a clove of garlic to form a paste with a little water and honey. And cover the lesion. You should avoid rubbing towards the healthy skin to prevent the garlic from irritating that area.
  3. Secure the garlic paste by placing a sterile gauze with adhesive. Leave it for 5 minutes so it doesn’t burn you and rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the procedure until it’s gone.

To form a more potent mixture you can add a few drops of lemon to the crushed garlic. In addition to providing the cream with nutrients such as vitamin C, it helps regulate the skin’s pH.

Eating Garlic on an Empty Stomach

Another well-known natural remedy is eating garlic on an empty stomach. Being rich in antioxidants, it helps strengthen the immune system, helping you fight warts and the virus that causes them.

You just have to peel and crush a clove of garlic, and then eat it. If you can’t tolerate the taste and smell of garlic, you can eat it with olive or coconut oil.

You also have the option to include garlic in your daily diet, remember that it should preferably be raw. Prepare a salad and add finely sliced garlic.

These were some tips to help you know how to deal with HPV. However, there is much more you need to do if you really want to get rid of HPV and warts forever.

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