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Is Liquid Nitrogen Effective for Removing Genital Warts?

Liquid nitrogen is used to remove genital warts and is administered through a clinical treatment known as cryotherapy. This is one of the most effective procedures for treating such lesions on various parts of the skin.

Cryotherapy allows the removal of genital warts or warts on other parts of the body by freezing the affected tissue. It is a method carried out on an outpatient basis or in authorized clinical offices.

Throughout this post, we will analyze how cryotherapy is performed or how liquid nitrogen is used, the care required after its application, and its efficiency.

What is cryotherapy?

Liquid Nitrogen

Cryotherapy demonstrates that liquid nitrogen effectively removes genital warts. However, it should be conducted by true specialists to ensure the best results.

This method directs a controlled portion of liquid nitrogen to the tissue affected by HPV, and it also disperses this content around it. In this way, all the affected matter is frozen, which is key for its removal.

The size of the lesions determines the amount of liquid nitrogen the specialist will apply. Depending on the characteristics of the lesions, the number of treatment sessions is also decided.

After freezing the damaged tissue, it’s thawed, and this can be repeated in several cycles. By cutting off the blood supply, the affected skin eventually dies and, even better, without leaving scars.

You might be wondering, does wart removal with cryotherapy hurt? Well, this method is usually done by numbing the area to be treated, and only slight discomfort is felt.

Does liquid nitrogen remove warts instantly?

No, liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy does not remove warts instantly. Although it’s a highly effective method, completing the process usually requires at least two weeks.

After cryotherapy, a small blister might form, which will last a few days before falling off on its own. When treating smaller and less widespread lesions, fewer sessions are required.

What does the skin look like after cryotherapy?

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As mentioned, it’s possible for a blister to form after treatment. Additionally, some dead skin tissues might fall off, but this should not cause pain.

However, within a few hours after undergoing this treatment, it’s common to experience slight irritation or itching. Also, in some cases, the area becomes inflamed during the first few hours after treatment with liquid nitrogen.

To make this more manageable, the specialist usually recommends taking over-the-counter pain relievers. Moreover, the use of liquid nitrogen to remove genital warts often requires follow-up.

In some cases, the doctor might recommend combining this with a method to boost the immune system, preventing future recurrences.

Lastly… what should you do if you have HPV?

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