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Is Banana Peel Good for Warts and HPV?

If there is a fruit with high medicinal properties, it is the banana. In fact, there are many diseases that can be treated with this food, including HPV and its most representative symptom, genital warts.

To understand how the banana peel can help with genital warts, we must explain each of the food’s properties. This way, you will clearly understand how a fruit can solve your problems.

Banana Peel for Genital Warts: How to Use It?

Sliced banana into several pieces

It’s true, banana peel is good for genital warts.

In fact, this peel contains one of the best natural remedies to combat HPV-related lesions.

Minerals and vitamins are concentrated on the inner side of the banana peel, with the ability to disinfect, deeply cleanse, and eliminate the remains of any harmful agents that may be causing discomfort.

Using the banana peel for genital warts is really simple. You have to take the peel of the fruit and rub it on the areas where you have genital warts.

Let the banana substance penetrate your skin for a few minutes. Then, remove the excess with sterilized gauze. Make sure not to leave any residue that may cause discomfort.

You can repeat the process as many times as you want, remember that it is a completely natural treatment with no side effects unless you are allergic to banana peel.

Banana Properties for Genital Warts

Everything from the banana is useful. It is a powerful food with medicinal properties. We already saw how to use the peel. But, what about the fruit’s pulp?

It is also a great source of nutritional properties, suitable for a balanced diet that helps to strengthen your immune system (if you want to cure HPV for good, you need to strengthen your immune system).

On the other hand, keep in mind that genital warts begin to appear as a result of the human papillomavirus.

You should also know that bananas provide vitamins, minerals, and other substances that help strengthen your defenses.

The idea is that your immune system is prepared to fight the virus and its symptoms.

In other words, including bananas in your regular diet is perfect for your body to react correctly and be able to eliminate HPV and, consequently, genital warts disappear.

Should You Eat Bananas to Eliminate Genital Warts?

Woman eating a banana

Banana peel is good for warts, but the best thing you can do is take advantage of the whole fruit.

Consuming the food provides your body with all the nutrients and vitamins hidden in its rich and sweet interior.

It is recommended to include the fruit as part of an alternative complement to conventional medicine. Especially, as a natural agent to strengthen the immune system responsible for fighting and eliminating the virus.

Bananas provide you with…


It is a mineral that our body needs. It works with nerve function and helps with proper muscle contraction.

In addition, it ensures that nutrients flow into cells to expel waste.


Another necessary nutrient to keep us healthy. It functions to regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure, among others.


It is a nutrient that bananas provide to strengthen your immune system and can fight bacteria and viruses such as HPV and genital warts.

How to Consume Bananas to Eliminate Genital Warts?

Sliced banana into several pieces

In this part of our content, we explain how to consume bananas as a natural and effective treatment for genital warts.

The fruit should be fresh to take advantage of all its nutritional properties. It is also recommended to have bananas in your refrigerator constantly.

Include the fruit in your shopping list and make its consumption a healthy habit.

You can also prepare smoothies using bananas. If you need some ideas, here’s a tasty option: you need bananas, blueberries, and raspberries, as well as soy milk.

In your blender, mix the three fruits with a glass of soy milk and drink the smoothie to fight genital warts.

These were some tips for dealing with warts. However, it is not enough to just fight the symptoms of HPV, as the virus will remain in your body and those symptoms will reappear time and time again.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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