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Can you Have Children if you Have HPV?

Given that HPV is such a prevalent viral infection, it’s ideal to understand what it entails. Can HPV affect fertility?

There are several studies seeking to determine whether there is an association between this type of complication and the disease.

Likewise, it’s important to know if there’s a risk of complications for the baby if the mother has been diagnosed with HPV. We will share relevant information on this topic below.

Yes, you can have children when you have HPV. But…

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There are over 150 strains of the Human Papillomavirus. And depending on the variation of the virus and other factors, the infection can be more or less severe.

However, in most cases, HPV does not affect fertility, so it should not pose a complication when wanting to conceive a child. Both men and women living with HPV can become parents.

But, if the HPV infection is determined to be caused by strains 16, 18, or 52 in women, it is essential to have regular check-ups. Specifically, it is important to have cytology tests from time to time to assess whether there are cellular changes.

These types of HPV are known as high-risk viruses and pose a danger for developing cervical cancer.

This means that if a woman affected by HPV neglects her health and check-ups, she could face many complications.

One of these complications is cervical cancer, which, if it progresses, could result in the need for specialized surgery.

This is a surgical procedure where part of the uterus and other tissues must be removed. Because of this, it is impossible to get pregnant, all due to complications associated with HPV.

Can pregnant women get HPV?

A pregnant woman.

A woman in her gestation period can get the Human Papillomavirus, and this often occurs through sexual activity.

Can this infection affect the baby? Yes, there is a certain risk that the virus may pass to the baby later.

However, in cases where the woman maintains good immune defense, the virus tends to be eradicated from the body. We recommend you check this article to optimize your immune system and get rid of HPV.

Only from this perspective does the possibility of the baby having an HPV complication decrease greatly. So, if this infection is diagnosed during pregnancy, it is crucial to request a medical evaluation.


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It’s not impossible to get pregnant while having HPV, but it’s important to take additional care to have a complication-free pregnancy.

And in cases where there are warts on the genitals, doctors might suggest performing a cesarean section, given the risk of excessive bleeding from these lesions. Lastly, following your doctor’s instructions will help reduce any additional risks.

These were some tips to help you know how to deal with HPV. However, there is much more you need to do if you really want to get rid of HPV and warts forever.

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