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What Fruits are Good for HPV and Warts? Best Juicing Recipes

We often believe that a large number of diseases can only be properly treated by starting a pharmaceutical treatment. Which is true, but it’s not all you can do to maintain a more balanced health or keep a disease under control.

This is exactly the case with HPV, which has specific treatments, but you can perfectly supplement these with juices and fruits.

These juices and fruits will help you strengthen your immune system, which is key to curing HPV for good. I have given these tips to many of my patients, who have been able to fight HPV in a natural way.

What fruits should I eat if I have HPV?

Vitamin C

All the fruits and juice preparations that we will review below stand out among many others because they stimulate the immune system.

Fruits rich in antioxidants will be perfect for treating HPV and genital warts, especially red and yellow fruits with betacarotenes.

Also notable are those fruits with a lot of vitamin C, such as:

  • oranges,
  • lemons,
  • kiwis,
  • and strawberries.

Foods with a high content of folic acid are also perfect for this, such as:

  • pineapple,
  • mango,
  • blackberries,
  • and avocados.

If you are wondering how folic acid helps with the control of this disease, it will have a beneficial impact on the prevention of cervical cancer.

A diet rich in fruits with vitamin A will also greatly contribute to your health, which is supported by research published by the Journal of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology.

This study shows the benefits of consuming this vitamin, which is responsible for reducing lesions caused by a high-risk type of HPV.

Juices for HPV and warts

Kiwi smoothie

Remember to take note so that you can prepare these delicious and healthy juices at home.

Orange juice

The orange not only provides a significant amount of vitamin C to fight HPV, this refreshing fruit prepared as juice can also provide you with vitamin A, folate, fiber and potassium.

In addition to helping you deal with other types of heart diseases and anemia.

Delicious strawberry juice

This fruit is very rich in antioxidants, fiber, folic acid, vitamin C and B. Therefore, it will be perfect to improve our antiviral ability.

In addition to preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases and brain aging.

Lemon juice for warts

Lemon is a powerful fruit in antioxidants, vitamin C, and also has anti-inflammatories.

If we focus on antioxidants, they help with HPV because they protect body cells from damage, thus reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

Kiwi smoothie

The kiwi, being an acidic fruit, has high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. This means the body can decrease inflammation processes and multiple diseases.

Is cranberry juice good for HPV?

Cranberry juice is known for its high antioxidant content, which can be beneficial for overall health and strengthening the immune system.

Pineapple juice for warts

Pineapple juice is known to contain bromelain, an enzyme that digests proteins and may help to break down and dissolve warts. The acidity of the juice may also help to ‘burn’ the wart, similar to how apple cider vinegar is often used in home remedies for warts.

Blueberries and HPV

Blueberries, like many other fruits, are rich in antioxidants, particularly flavonoids like anthocyanins which give them their blue color.

These antioxidants can help protect your cells against damage and reduce inflammation, thereby supporting your overall health and immunity.

These were some tips to help you know how to deal with HPV. However, there is much more you need to do if you really want to get rid of HPV and warts forever.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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I wish you great success in your recovery!


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