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Does Olive Oil Work for Warts? Check it Out

Olive oil can be used to treat various diseases and symptoms. For example, it is very good for treating acidity… But what about warts? Can olive oil help to remove them? We’ll tell you…

Olive oil for treating warts: Effective or not?

Olive oil

Olive oil does help to remove warts… But perhaps not in the way you imagine.

Warts, on any part of the body, are caused by a virus, known as papillomavirus, human papilloma virus, or HPV for short.

This virus penetrates the skin and infects the cells of its outermost layer, known as the epidermis. Macroscopically, the colonization of the virus in the cells results in those annoying warts.

We clarify the cause of warts to explain that, for a treatment to be effective against warts, it must be able to weaken the virus, destroy the infected tissue, or stimulate the immune system so that it takes care of the virus on its own.

In the case of olive oil, its effectiveness is due to its beneficial effects on the immune system. Therefore, consuming it regularly is a way to treat warts.

Why is olive oil good for boosting your defenses?

Mainly because it is rich in various vitamins needed in different processes carried out by the immune system. For example, vitamins A, D, E, and K.

All of these positively affect the development or action of immune cells, promoting the immune response, which is crucial in the fight against HPV, as it is an infection that has no treatment.

Since there is no treatment, the elimination of the virus from your body is 100% the responsibility of your immune system. Hence the importance of consuming foods that strengthen it.

How is olive oil used to treat warts?

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Simply by adding it to your diet. Consuming more olive oil will provide you with all its benefits, improve your immune system, and this will gradually cause warts to disappear.

Of course, this is not an immediate process… To achieve results, time and, above all, consistency are needed.

Additionally, you should combine other beneficial foods for your immune system in your diet; this way, you ensure that it becomes even stronger.

Similarly, some websites recommend applying olive oil directly to warts as a kind of home remedy to eliminate them.

However, it is unknown if actually applying it to the wart has any benefit. There is no conclusive evidence on this matter.

Even so, olive oil is harmless, so putting a little on the wart from time to time wouldn’t hurt to try and make it disappear faster. If it doesn’t help, it won’t harm you either…

So now you know, among the different oils that can be used to treat warts, olive oil is one of the best options. Add it to your diet and maintain a strong, capable, and effective immune system.

These were some tips for dealing with warts. However, it is not enough to just fight the symptoms of HPV, as the virus will remain in your body and those symptoms will reappear time and time again.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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I wish you great success in your recovery!


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  1. I have warts on my hands. The best method and recommended by skin doctors is to put duct tape. Unfortunately, the finger movement makes the duct tape fall off very fast. So i have found some nitrile gloves and chopped off the fingers, and am using them to cover and tape the warts, keem them humid, which lets the immune system deal with them and they die. However, nitrile gloves let air in. So i am putting olive oil first, then nitrile glove finger-pieces. Nitrile is very resistant to veg oil compared to latex. My finger warts will hopefully be a lot easier to care for now i am using pieces of glove rather than tape to obstruct them from living near dry skin. cheers for the tip on boosting immune system, they just had a small flourishing due to 1 week under the weather from camping. thanks neighbor for these. cheers.


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