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Can a Couple Get HPV Without Cheating?

Throughout this post, we are going to analyze what experts think about the incidence of HPV in stable couples, and whether or not this is possible. This sexually transmitted disease is often associated with infidelity or promiscuity.

Under this belief, many sexually active stable couples do not maintain optimal prevention of HPV. They believe they are not a population at risk for contracting this disease. But, what does the medical profession think about this?

How do faithful couples get HPV?

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Yes, HPV can exist in stable couples, and not in all cases is this a clear sign of infidelity. What happens is that in many countries the prevalence of Human Papilloma Virus is very high.

This means that there is very high exposure to HPV contagion even when having sexual relations with only one person.

In fact, some studies suggest that eight out of ten women come into contact with the virus when they start their sexual life. This means that although promiscuity is a risk factor for HPV, not all cases arise for this reason.

So it is viable for cases of HPV to arise in stable couples. And while a significant percentage of virus contagions manage to disappear, preventive measures are absolutely necessary.

Genital warts are not the only sign of HPV

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Quantitative and qualitative studies have shown that many people have been infected with HPV without being aware of it, and this happens precisely because they feel physically well.

And couples, noticing that their sexual partner looks healthy and in the absence of HPV warts, maintain total trust. But the reality is that the lack of physical lesions does not prevent the spread of the virus.

This reinforces the fact that HPV can exist in stable couples, because it is not necessary to have symptoms or have genital warts to be a carrier of this virus and to transmit it.

Likewise, this indicates that there does not need to be an extramarital relationship for a couple to be affected by the Human Papilloma Virus. And fighting erroneous beliefs like this is a key part to achieving good prevention.

Why is HPV prevention important in couples?

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A common behavior in marital life is not to use contraceptive methods such as condoms, under the premise that they only have one sexual partner.

But this does not reduce the possibility of contracting STDs like HPV, at least not in all cases. Those who have already started their sexual life are already at significant exposure to this virus, even if they are currently in a stable relationship.

Finally, part of the importance of preventing this disease is that it has positioned itself as one of the most serious risk factors for the development of different types of cancer. So preventive mechanisms are very appropriate for health.

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