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Discover How do you Contract HPV

Throughout this post, we’re going to analyze how one can contract HPV. This is a Sexually Transmitted Disease that has various means of transmission, and knowing this information is vital for prevention.

Health professionals and scientists have conducted numerous studies on this virus. One of the main causes of the Human Papillomavirus is skin-to-skin contact.

How is the Human Papillomavirus contracted?

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Once the HPV virus enters the body, it can lead to subsequent infection. Skin-to-skin contact is the most well-known means of transmission, and it occurs during sexual activities.

Basically, when the superficial layers of the skin tear or when an abrasion occurs, the virus can more feasibly access the body. Different sexual practices can result in HPV transmission.

For instance, transmission of this virus can occur from skin contact in practices such as anal or vaginal sex. Penetration is not necessary for the risk of transmission, as genital infection can also arise from rubbing with the infected area.

On the other hand, HPV can be contracted through intimate activities such as oral sex. This is particularly common when lesions from this disease are present in the oral area or respiratory tract.

Contact with HPV warts, even outside the immediate genital area, is a significant source of infection regarding this infectious disease.

Also, touching something that has previously been in contact with the infected area also poses a risk. This often happens with items used in sexual activity, such as sex toys.

Can HPV be contracted without a sexual cause?

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The Human Papillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease that occurs in people when they come into contact with mucosa infected with the virus.

There are many myths and misconceptions about how HPV is contracted. Many people believe that there is a high risk of transmission by coming into contact with the clothing of an infected person.

However, this virus is not equipped to adapt to such an environment, so it dies shortly after leaving the genital area. It cannot survive laundering.

Now, there have been studies on the relationship between community pools or saunas and the possibility of HPV transmission risk.

Basically, the presence of genital mucosa in these spaces increases the risk of HPV spreading. In fact, specialists have considered it as a risk factor to take into account.

HPV in pregnancy: Is there a risk of transmission to the baby?

Pregnant women who also show physical signs of genital infection, such as the appearance of warts, pose a high risk of transmission to their babies.

And only in some cases of babies born with HPV, a benign tumor can develop, often located in the larynx.

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