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Exposed: Is Chamomile Good for Warts? You Won’t Believe It!

Chamomile is a plant that, due to its antioxidant, detoxifying, and anti-inflammatory properties, is good for removing warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Its antioxidant action strengthens the immune system, allowing the body to fight against the virus.

This plant also helps detoxify the body by removing toxins and the HPV that causes the lesions. All of these properties make it a very effective natural remedy for removing warts and preventing them from spreading to other parts of the body.

If you have warts, knowing the following information will help you remove them naturally with ingredients you typically have at home.

The power of chamomile

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile fights warts, but its effectiveness can vary depending on the location and extent of the lesion. Chamomile is recommended for removing external warts that are not large in size.

Drinking chamomile can also help you treat internal lesions or extensive ones, but it’s ideal to use it in conjunction with medical treatment in these cases.

One of the benefits of consuming chamomile is that it has no side effects unless you are allergic to this plant. Of course, excessive consumption is not recommended either. It is contraindicated for people with kidney disease or those taking anticoagulants and sedatives.

Natural chamomile-based remedies for wart removal


You can drink chamomile infusions to make the most of all its properties or apply it directly to the lesion.

1. Chamomile Infusion

To prepare the chamomile infusion, just boil a cup of water with a tablespoon of the plant (flowers) for a few minutes until it releases its therapeutic substances. Once steeped and strained, drink it twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night. Avoid adding sugar.

2. Chamomile, Green Tea, and Lemon Infusion

A powerful beverage to combat the HPV in the body that causes warts is to combine green tea, lemon, and chamomile.

To make the infusion, boil a cup of water with a tablespoon of chamomile, the juice of half a lemon, and a small teaspoon of green tea. You should drink at least 2 cups a day until the lesion disappears.

3. Chamomile Tea Compresses

Another way to take advantage of the plant’s properties is by applying it directly to the lesion. Just prepare an infusion and let it cool. Take a gauze or compress, soak it in this solution, and place it on the wart.

4. Chamomile Oil

You can find chamomile oil in natural product stores. This substance softens the skin area, eliminates present bacteria, and helps dry out the wart.

If you experience any adverse reactions with these natural remedies, we recommend stopping the treatment and seeing a doctor for an evaluation.

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