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Shocking Results: Can a Wart Be Cut Off?

Warts, although they are not a serious health problem, are bothersome and very unsightly. For this reason, many times people try to remove them in any way possible.

However, you should never cut a wart. The bleeding that occurs promotes self-infection or can also lead to an infection.

Removing warts with appropriate treatment

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Generally, warts heal on their own over time, without leaving scars. However, for your health and well-being, it is appropriate to remove warts correctly:

  • There are over-the-counter medications that are applied to the wart. These products contain acids that work as exfoliants. They remove the layers of dead cells from the wart until it falls off. It is not advisable to use these products to treat warts on the face as it can cause skin damage. Nor can you use them to treat genital warts.
  • Freezing or cryosurgery. Using liquid nitrogen, the doctor freezes the wart. This method produces a blister around the wart. As the days go by, the skin heals and the wart detaches. You may feel burning during surgery and then pain, and the area may also swell. If the area to be treated is large, several applications may be necessary.
  • Laser surgery. This is a more expensive treatment and therefore is generally applied in cases where other treatments have not been effective. Its side effects are pain and a scar may remain.

Home treatments to remove common warts

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Numerous plants, as well as some products that you usually have at home, are used to remove common warts. Some of them are more recognized for their effectiveness:

  • Calendula: freshly extracted juice from the flowers is used.
  • Fig leaves: preparing a poultice with the crushed leaf and warm water that is placed on the wart. It has antiviral properties that quickly remove the wart.
  • Garlic: slices of fresh garlic placed on the wart are a very effective treatment.
  • Radish: its application is carried out in the same way as garlic. Its action is just as powerful but odorless.
  • Aloe vera: fights the infection and after removing the wart, quickly regenerates the skin.
  • Lemon: apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on the wart several times a day until it dries out.
  • Apple cider vinegar: it is a powerful antifungal and antiviral. It is applied to the wart with a soaked gauze that is replaced 24 hours later.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: it is applied in the same way as apple cider vinegar.

What you should not do to remove a wart

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Never cut a wart with a sharp object like scissors or a knife. You should also not pull it if it hangs from the skin by a very thin attachment. With any of these methods, the wart can bleed and spread the infection to other parts of your body.

You should also avoid scraping a wart; it can be as harmful as the above. It is not a group of dead cells; it is an infection and must be treated properly.

Lastly… what should you do if you have HPV?

These were some tips to help you know how to deal with HPV. However, there is much more you need to do if you really want to get rid of HPV and warts forever.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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