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Does Alcohol Kill Genital Warts?

Nowadays, there are countless home methods for removing warts on the genitals and other parts of the body. Some remedies involve the use of strong products like garlic or apple cider vinegar, which can be abrasive.

In that case, how can one get rid of genital warts without failing in the attempt? Learn from the recommendations of specialists on this topic.

Steps to use alcohol against genital warts

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The idea of removing HPV warts with alcohol comes from the fact that alcohol has antiseptic properties. Often, it helps fight harmful agents such as fungi or bacteria, although it is not the most efficient to eliminate a virus.

This home treatment involves applying a little alcohol directly to the warts, using a bit of cotton or gauze. It’s important not to handle the lesions directly with your hands to prevent spreading them to other parts.

Generally, this treatment should be applied in several sessions. When the lesions are more towards a single area, they can be covered with gauze or bandages. But, can the antiseptic effects of alcohol combat genital warts?

Alcohol has several benefits, such as eliminating certain harmful agents on the skin. But it can also produce reactions like changing the pH of the skin. This can cause the environment where the lesions are to become unsuitable.

And based on this, over time the warts may start to disappear. Also, the components of alcohol tend to burn these affected tissues. Therefore, it is a method with certain points in its favor.

Does this method eliminate warts immediately?

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If you want to remove warts on the genitals immediately, you should know that this method is not ideal. If this treatment works in your body, the results will become apparent progressively, not instantly.

To eliminate HPV warts immediately, it is best to proceed with methods like laser treatment. In this case, the intense wave of light and heat destroys the affected tissue, delivering quality results in less time and without leaving scars.

On the other hand, attempting to eliminate genital warts with alcohol can affect in several ways. For example, it can create an abrasive effect, where even healthy skin suffers burns.

And aesthetically it could cause skin stains. It can even cause a lot of pain if the affected area is irritated. So, if you plan to proceed with this method it’s important that you also consider these points.

Is it worth using alcohol?

While alcohol is a substance with significant antiseptic properties, it is not the fastest method nor the one with the fewest side effects.

Moreover, bear in mind that genital warts from HPV are related to the effects of the virus. Alcohol will NEVER eliminate the virus. So, trying to eliminate the warts with alcohol can’t prevent them from coming back. In fact, they’re likely to come back.

What you need to do is GET RID OF THE ROOT of the problem.

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