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Does Acetic Acid Remove Warts?

In this opportunity, we will assess how acetic acid works to remove warts. Many people wonder if this is a reliable and above all effective treatment to combat these skin lesions.

Regarding how to remove warts, there are many treatments and even home remedies. And although some methods offer very good results, others can be rather dangerous.

Is acetic acid useful for warts?

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Various studies have confirmed that acetic acid is useful for removing warts caused by HPV. This acid helps to resolve various types of lesions, not just warts, which can appear on various parts of the body.

While there is an ideal effect in the treatment against HPV warts, it is not a method capable of eliminating the lesion immediately. To achieve a much quicker result, it’s best to try clinical methods such as cryotherapy.

How to remove warts with acetic acid?

To remove warts with acetic acid, the ideal is to have a prior medical evaluation. There are various pharmaceutical compounds that have an ideal content of this acid and that allow the resolution of lesions from a topical application.

Generally, these topicals are applied directly to the lesion, and usually come with a small brush to facilitate application. Because these warts are highly contagious, handling them without sterile gloves is not recommended.

Home method to remove warts with acetic acid

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There are some home methods for treating these lesions with acetic acid. For example, there is a popular remedy for removing warts with apple cider vinegar. This vinegar contains, precisely, acetic acid.

This method consists of cleaning the area affected by the warts with water and soap, then drying with a bit of pressure using an absorbent cloth. Once the area to be treated is clean and dry, the vinegar is applied to the warts.

For this, it is important to use a bit of cotton or a sterile gauze. The vinegar may cause some stinging, especially if the lesions have caused skin irritation. To finish, the area should be covered with a bandage.

What is acetic acid?

It is a type of acidic substance that can be found in solutions such as vinegar. In fact, some suggest removing warts with apple cider vinegar due to its high acetic acid content.

The use of acetic acid in medical procedures associated with the Human Papilloma Virus is common. For example, this acid can act as a means to detect the presence of this infection based on a change in tissue color.

It is often used in processes such as colposcopy, and if the portion of the cervix turns white, then there is an indication of HPV. This technique is known as positive white acetowhitening.

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