About the company “Opinion & Salud”

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“Opinion & Salud” is a digital health magazine founded with the sole purpose of helping those who cannot find a solution for their health problems through traditional medicine.

At “Opinion & Salud”, we talk about health, nutrition, and well-being in a language that is easy for anyone to understand. We bring you this information from health professionals in an ethical and responsible manner.

We believe that being truly healthy involves looking beyond just our bodies. That’s why we also focus on your mind and spirit. On our website, you’ll find articles and practical guides on many topics, from healthy eating to managing stress and sleeping better.

Our team is composed of doctors, dietitians, psychologists, and holistic health experts who are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our readers. We value your input, so don’t be shy about joining the conversations with us. We encourage you to share your stories, knowledge, ask questions, or engage in debates. Let’s build an inclusive online community together, focused on genuine wellness.

We take great pride in being a trusted source for health information. However, we want to ensure that our posts are good, so each article is reviewed and re-reviewed by experts before it is published. That way, you can trust that what we say is accurate and kept up to date.

Furthermore, many things in the medical world are always changing. It’s hard to keep up, but we are fully committed to doing so! Making sure we stay up-to-date on all new scientific findings and novel technology helps to improve our articles, ensuring that readers are aware of the latest advancements and the most recent ways of treating certain conditions.


Our goal is to be the go-to online resource on health, nutrition, and wellbeing for everyone. We want to ensure that information on how to take care of yourself is easily accessible and covers both your body and your mind.


Our mission is to help people make healthier choices through reliable information provided by experts. We also want to create a space for open discussions where experiences can be shared, allowing for a greater exchange of knowledge among individuals.


Some important principles guiding us are: ensuring the content we provide is accurate, maintaining moral principles in what we do while driving innovations along the way. And last, but certainly not least, always respecting the individual differences embraced by our readers.